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Aroma Fero is thrusting, curious and innovative company. Established in 2005 quickly it became on of the most popular pheromone product sellers in Europe and later all over the World. We offer only the highest quality pheromone products. Own exclusive rights to represent the most famous manufacturers of pheromone Companies. Our research placed a significant contribution to the pheromone product progress and improvement.

Companies we trust - Alpha Dream, Alfa&Beta Pheromones, WPJ international, Lodix corp, Pro Peptides Inc, PherLuv LLC, 7 Paradise, Zyloo Research Labs LLC, NU LIFE Enterprise Ltd. & Co. Vertriebs, Booty Parlor Inc.

Our tested and released to the merket products - Achar, Alfa Donna, Alfa Maschio, Certo, Corporativo, Glace, Exotique, L'Uomo Amore, Donna Amore, L||K, Light Essence, Fatale Femme, Homme Seduisant, Miyoshi Miyagi, Miiko Nakaido, Pherx, Maxx attraction Silk, Casanova, Pherluxe, Casual, Maxx attraction Gold, True Sexiness, Fero Classic, True Love, True Essence, Instinct, PH feromones, Sexiest Sex Kitten, Tournesol, FTL, All the Jazz, Tiger Juice, Alchemy..



Aroma Fero, UAB
Code/Id- 302572889
Account number - LT89 70440 6000 767 1584
AB, SEB bank
Bank code-70440,


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